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[BCC 027] - Where to get inspiration

publishedabout 1 year ago
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Happy Friday!

I hope you've had a good, productive week!

But, if you haven't...I've got something for you.

As creatives it's easy to find ourselves in PEAK states where ideas and inspiration is flowing from "the muse" and we can just create until we fall asleep at our desks.

Other times, however, it's just as easy to find ourselves in a creative funk - unable to create, to do the work, or to have the motivation to even try.

In those moments, we need quick & easy sources of inspiration, like a 5-hour Energy shot to get our creative energy back up! (But without the horrible taste and the inevitable crash...)

This week, a beloved local music venue, Velour Live Music Gallery reopened its doors after 16 long months of being closed due to COVID.

I was asked to "come out of retirement", as it were, and don my hat as the sound engineer. (I ran sound at Velour for 10 years, and can attribute most of my friendships and successes in business to the time I spent there)

One of my favorite bands, Book on Tape Worm, played two shows that night, back to back, and in a different, "floor" setup that only they and a few other bands have been able to pull off.

You see, there aren't any monitors - speakers for the band to hear themselves and have their own personal mix of the instruments and vocals - in a floor setup. They get the same mix as the audience, which can be unnerving and vulnerable.

After a magical night mixing one of my favorite bands in my favorite venue, despite how late it was, my mind was going 100mph with ideas and inspiration.

There's something about live art - music, dance theater, etc - that truly inspires. My guess is it's something about the fact that there are stakes, a chance of failure. There's risk involved. That adds a feeling to it that you don't get from a finished product like an album or a painting.

So, if you've found yourself struggling with your creative energy, might I suggest a night out at a concert, or a play, or an art show, where other creators are putting it all on the line to get their art out into the world.

Connect with them, thank them, tell them how much it means to you that they created such inspiring work, then get ready for the ideas and inspiration to flow. Capture it, and use it to catapult you into the next day's work.


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