[BCC 030] - A goal, a plan, and massive action

published4 months ago
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Happy Friday!

Hope you have had a great week and have some plans to get some rest and relaxation over the weekend!

Today I want to go back to basics a bit and talk about how to achieve your goals.

This will be more of a 30,000 foot view, rather than the tactical day-to-day stuff, but it's often good to take a step back and get some perspective, especially when we feel stuck.

Here's the short of it: to achieve any goal you only need three things - a desireable outcome, a plan to achieve it, and massive action.

Reread that sentence again, because it literally is all you need to know. But, for those that love reading and want a little more context, let's dive into each of them.

A Desireable Outcome

If you think back on all of the goals you've set over your life, there are some that you achieved with ease, some that took a while, and some that were ultimately abandoned.


One of the main reasons we achieve our goals is the level of desire that we have.

I bet you'd find that to be true about the goals you've achieved in your life. The things you wanted more, you had a higher likelihood of achieving.

The important thing to note here is that you can infuse desire into any goal that you have for yourself.

You do this by listing out all of the reasons that you want to achieve that goal.

  • What will life be like once you've achieved it?
  • Who will you become?
  • How will that feel?
  • How will it affect others?

Doing this with every single goal, big or small, is a game-changer. Try it with a goal you've been struggling with. Take it seriously, write down those reasons, and then head to step 2:

A Plan To Achieve The Goal

Once you have a goal and have a strong desire to achieve it, the next thing you need is a plan.

Two of my favorite tools for this are to reverse engineer the plan, and then to chunk it down into manageable steps.

To reverse engineer a plan, you look at the completion of the goal and ask, "ok, what comes just before that?" and you write it down.

Then you ask that same question over and over "ok, and what comes before that?" until you get to a step that you can tackle immediately to start getting momentum and making progress.

For example - if your goal was to lose 10 pounds (and you have listed out all of the reasons why that's important to you), well, what comes just before that? Losing 9 pounds?

Yes, but you can't do that today... so you need to keep asking "what comes before that", and including things you can actually do. Things you can take action to influence reaching your goal.

Maybe the plan includes changing your eating habits, or adding in some exercise, getting a workout buddy, signing up for a gym pass, etc. etc.

At some point you'll get to an action you can take today to get started.

That's essentially what chunking is.

You take tasks that are too big to accomplish right now, like "lose ten pounds", and chunk it down to things that you can do in an hour.

"Exercise", "eat a healthy meal", "make a phone call to my friend", etc. are all good size chunks.

Bonus - it also helps to learn how others successfully achieved the same goal for themselves, the plan they used, and the strategies they incorporated to do it effectively. You can skip a lot of time in trial and error by learning from a coach, or a course, or a book.

Take Massive Action

Momentum is a huge benefit to reaching your goals. That means doing things consistently, day after day, so that - like a rock tumbling down a hill - you gain more speed and more momentum the longer you keep up that consistency.

The way to do this is to take massive action. Some things won't feel massive, but they are massive because they start you off on the right foot.

Just like the first rotation of a bike pedal is the hardest. It's only one, insignificant action, but if you keep going that action gets easier and easier and compounds into momentum that can get you across the finish line.

Massive action is doing the hard things, like starting, doing it despite how you feel, being consistent, and not giving up. It also means the things that are outside of your comfort zone, like doing sales calls if you're an introvert, looking at the data if you're not a numbers person, and doing things you normally wouldn't consider doing, because they need to get done!

So, to review - Get a clear outcome with lots of desire and reasons to achieve it. Then pair that with a plan that you can take MASSIVE action on, day after day, until the goal is inevitably achieved.

You can do it! I've used this exact system to build businesses, produce movies, write books, and create an incredible relationship with my wife and three boys. No matter what your goals are, this process works.

Hope it helps you on your journey to reaching your own goals!


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