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July 13, 2024

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How It Went

Last week we premiered the last movie I produced, The Faith of Angels, at the Zion's Indie Film Fest. I can't think of a better way to premiere our movie...

The rest of the week was a blur. We hosted a panel for our movie on Wednesday, and I was able to give a version of my Blockbuster workshop to an audience of 80+ filmmakers on Friday:

It all culminated at the awards ceremony on Saturday night, where we won three awards for our film - 3rd place from the judges, Audience Choice for feature film, and the festival's Spirit of Zion award.

I'm so grateful for the experience last week, and to the incredible Zions Indie Film Fest for such an amazing way to premiere and showcase our film.

I shared some thoughts when we won our awards, and I'll leave you with this thought.

When we are in alignment with something bigger than ourselves, everything becomes easier. I used to pursue this career for what can only be called "fame and fortune". I wanted recognition, lots of money, and lots of influence.
When I finally learned that I was the person holding myself back, and shifted my reasons to contribution and growth - aligning myself with a deeper purpose - everything changed. That's when I started producing movies. That's when I started Craftsman Creative, and that's when I started making progress in my career as an independent film producer, culminating in this film winning these awards at this festival.

One of the most important things I do with every person I work with one-on-one is walk them through the same process I went through to understand what's driving them now, and what should be driving them going forward if they were truly aligned.

It's part of our mindset as independent creators, and the mindset represents 80% of the success you'll realize in your career. It's that important.

I've spent the last two and a half years building out a business that helps you, step by step, create the mindset and the business that will bring the results into your life that you're working so hard for.

I recently spent three days delivering workshops to an audience of over 250 people, and if you missed the event you can get the recordings in the form of a "blueprint" below. It's currently available for preorder, and should be live in the next few weeks.



Blockbuster Blueprint PREORDER

Your blueprint to design and build your own massively profitable, BLOCKBUSTER business.
The Blueprint is a Notion... Read more

Thanks to everyone reading this who helped support the film last week. We're so honored to have your vote for audience choice, and to have you at our premiere.

Join us at this week's workshop!

We have one of our bi-monthly MOVIE Framework Workshops this week on Thursday. If you haven't yet attended one, we cover the whole framework and spend time working on your business, as well as answer your questions and help you get unstuck in your business.

Join us for free here:

Daren Smith

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