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What a week! It was such a blast to see so many people sharing the 100th issue of the newsletter and how much it means to creators with all types of audience sizes to be featured. (Something for you to think about as you're planning your content ;)

100 episodes in gives you a good milestone to reflect and make changes, specifically around what's working and what isn't.

The principle here is to do more of what works and less of what doesn't in order to grow your business.

In today's issue, I'll share when and how to do it based on a few proven principles:

  • create a library of content
  • double down when you find a pitch that works
  • do less but better

Let's dive in...

Library of Content vs Hoping For Virality

There are two approaches in this content "game" we're all playing. You can post every day on social, hoping for a viral hit that grows your awareness, your audience, and - hopefully - your revenue. It's a numbers game.

Conversely - at least simultaneously - you consistently build a library of content. This is a relationship game, where you build trust with your ideal customer over time across a number of interactions. You have a podcast, a blog, a newsletter. You do free workshops and other lead magnets.

You provide value before any transaction has occurred. This way, you have a rabbit hole that pulls the curious prospect toward you and your business over time. As they learn more, their desire grows, and they see your business as the only solution to their problems.

Can you already guess which approach I prefer? Which game I find more fun to play?

Recently I shared this principle: the things that matter most last the longest.

I have found that my posts don't last. The fleeting thoughts are rarely revisited by followers, if they ever see the post in the first place.

Yet, day in and day out, people visit my website that hosts these weekly newsletters and my book, and they explore the library of content I've produced over the years.

Those individuals join this newsletter. They attend workshops. They are curious, and are doing the work - they just need a better framework.

I'm focusing more on building relationships and less on platforms and algorithms when it comes to the success of my business. I'm even shifting my strategy so that it is less reliant on the scale that is often required to make the social media audience a viable audience for a business.

Double Down When You Find A Pitch That Works

When you've got a pitch that connects with an audience of people, that's when you double down.

Over the last 18 months of doing this work more consistently, I've connected with many different audiences. Those that are just starting, those that have been at it for a while, those that are desperate to fix what isn't working.

They spread across many different industries. Film, music, writing, coaching, courses, content, social media, marketing, sales, and more.

Yet, what I have recently discovered is that there is one audience that overvalues what I do here with Craftsman Creative.

Filmmakers, YouTube channels, video production companies.

It makes sense: that's my background, and I've reached a level in my career that is valuable to learn from. I'm an international film producer, and I have a system for making films that work both as creative projects and as financially profitable businesses.

Being able to apply that to a production company or a YouTube focused business is extremely valuable to those individuals.

So, it's time to double down. I'll still put out weekly content (even more, actually, but more on that next week...probably), but my core offer will be targeted to that specific audience.

I'm moving my free workshops inside the Society to make it more valuable. I'm streamlining my content strategy to focus on that singular journey, from audience, to prospect, to lead, to customer (society), to client (coaching/consulting).

Do Less, But Better

That single audience of filmmakers & video professionals represented over $100k in revenue last year. I plan on 3X-ing that revenue by narrowing my focus in 2023.

I'll do two more films this year as a producer. I'll focus my core offer on filmmakers and video based creative companies. I'll create content that speaks to them.

By creating more value for this group of people, I'll have more impact, more leverage, and grow my business.

With this strategy, I only need ~1 client per month. I've built systems to automate the growth of the Society, and deliver value to those that aren't in this "ideal customer" bucket, and the business will grow without needing to spread my focus.

You've heard this principle before. "Niche down" or "narrow your niche". I've proselytized it as much as anyone, but I haven't done it as much as I could have. So now I'm further practicing what I preach.


It all comes back to the MOVIE framework that I've talked about over the last few months. Start with your mindset. These three principles today help you with that. Then focus on the outcome. For me, that's growing my business without burning myself out on social media, and doing less but better, i.e. fewer clients at a higher price point.

I'm going to be putting together a film fund this year to double down on my film producing impact. I'll do fewer events, but better. Fewer workshops, but better. More focused content, better.

And I'll share the journey along the way if you're on a similar path.

Thanks for being with me over the last 100 issues of this newsletter. Here's to all of us creating the businesses that support the outcomes we care about in our lives.


Daren Smith


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