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💡 What does it mean to be oversubscribed | BCC 089

BCC NEWSLETTER | ISSUE 089 One of my favorite newsletters from the last year is Justin Welsh's Saturday Solopreneur. Each week he shares one actionable tip, and I've saved many to that I can go back and implement. One thing I want to highlight for you today is something most readers likely...
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10 days ago • 7 min read

💡 The Tesla Model C - For Creator| BCC 084

about 1 month ago • 1 min read

💡 Getting out of a creative funk | BCC 071

Happy Monday! Last week I had an unexpected life event happen, and it threw me into a creative funk. In the past this would have knocked me out for 3+ days. That's way longer than I was willing to be out for, so - using a specific set of tools - I was able to get out of the funk, rather than...
5 months ago • 5 min read

💡 How to market your business like a surprise road trip | BCC 062

Happy Monday! Excited for you to read this week's post, it was one of those shower thoughts that I couldn't wait to write and share with you! Here are this week's links (more detail below): Blog Post: How to market your business like a surprise road trip!​ Podcast: Newsletter Strategy with Josh...
8 months ago • 2 min read

💡How to create more leverage in your business |BCC 061

Happy Monday! Here are your links for this week, with more detail below: Blog Post: How to create more leverage in your business​ Podcast: Marketing online courses with Alexandra Allen​ Book Launch: Building a Second Brain from Tiago Forte​ Newsletter: Creator Wizard (New cohort course starting...
8 months ago • 1 min read

💡 Creator Economy Expo (CEX) 2022 in Review | BCC 056

Happy Monday! After too many weeks of travel, I'm finally home for a while! This week I've got some fun links for you plus a review of the Creator Economy Expo that I was lucky to attend last week in Phoenix! My Review of the Creator Economy Expo (CEX) Wow wow wow. What an event. The tl;dr is...
9 months ago • 1 min read

💡How To Make Career Decisions As A Creative | BCC 054

Simplifying today, thanks to a few friends - Justin and Josh, thank you both. I've got a few things for you today! New Blog Post: While location scouting in South Africa for a movie the last five days, I shared with the director a principle that I use for making big creative decisions for myself...
9 months ago • 1 min read

[BCC 053] The ONE THING Creators Need To Grow Their Business

Today - a new blog post for you, two new podcasts, and an update after 1 week of book sales! This week's article: The One Thing Creators Need To Grow Their Business Here's the post on the blog:​ Excited about...
10 months ago • 2 min read